Open Burning

To Burn Or Not To Burn…Trash

Burning Trash BarrelSadsbury Township does not have an Ordinance prohibiting open burning and/or the use of burn barrels.  However, Chester County Health Department Rules and Regulations (Chapter 500, Subsection 502) prohibits the burning of any refuse or solid waste without a permit.  Permitting and licensure for such use is issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

In the absence of a local ordinance, the CCHD’s Rules and Regulations are applicable, and violations can result in the issuance of Non-Traffic Citations in District Court.  Citations carry of fine of up to $300 for each occurrence and they can be issued on a daily basis.

In addition to the CCHD’s prohibition, there are many reasons not to burn your trash.

Burning of typical household trash, which may include plastic products, plastic packaging, foam, and other synthetic materials, can emit toxic pollutants link dioxin and acid vapors into the air.  Smoke and ash from burn barrels contain hazardous pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, lead, mercury, hexachlorobenzene, chromium, and arsenic – not to mention particulate matter.

Smoke can be a vehicle for deep penetration of pollutants into the lungs and these contaminants can damage the lungs, kidneys, nervous system and liver.  Long-term exposure to a number of the contaminants can lead to cancer, emphysema, and damage to the immune system.

In addition to the negative health effects that can be attributed to breathing the pollutants, flying sparks and embers can easily lead to uncontrolled fires, posing substantial risk to life and property and can also threaten our natural resources and wildlife.

If you decide that you must burn your trash, please contact the Chester County Health Department at (610) 344-5938.

And think about your neighbors – A beautiful, clear day that you think is a great day to burn your trash may also be the day your neighbor and his family think is a great day to spend outside enjoying their yard.

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