Sadsburyville Fire Company and Sadsbury Police Department Provide Escort


On Sunday, April 21, 2013 at approx. 7AM, the Sadsburyville Fire Company will be escorting a returning Marine home to Sadsbury Township in Chester County.  The Sadsburyville Fire Company will have several emergency vehicles staging on the west bound Rt. 30 bypass west of Rt. 100 in West Whiteland Township.

The fire company vehicles will be staging on the bypass until the family returns to the area from the Philadelphia airport.  At that time, the fire company will be departing and escorting the family down the bypass from Rt. 100 to Airport Rd.

The Sadsburyville Fire Company will be assisted in this event by the Sadsbury Township and Valley Township Police Departments, as well as the Coatesville City Fire Dept., Keystone Valley Fire Dept., and Westwood Fire Dept. 

Semper Fi and Welcome Home, Marine!


Sadsbury Township Seeking Part-Time Office Clerk/Police Secretary

Help Wanted

At their Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting, approval was given to post for a Part-Time Office Clerk/Police Secretary.  Interested candidates can review details and requirements of the position here:  PT Office Clerk

Cover letter and résumé (or application) can be submitted to the Township at or by mail to PO Box 261, Sadsburyville, PA  19369.

           No phone calls, please!


Cyber Crime Update from the Sadsbury Township Police Department

Cyber Crime WarningAn Important Reminder from the Sadsbury Township Police Department:

The Sadsbury Township Police Department recently received a report of a local “social engineering” scam.  These types of scams involve hackers using individuals e-mail or social networking accounts to send notices to their contacts.

In these notices, the hackers claim to be that individual in immediate need of money due to having been robbed or mugged.  They will claim that they have lost their credit cards, cell phones, passport, and money – leaving them stranded in any number of locations from Mexico to Maylasia.  Some will claim that they only have a few days to pay their hotel bill and all promise to reimburse upon their return home.

The sense of urgency these messages create often cause the recipients to be less than vigilant in validating the claim – increasing the likelihood of them falling for the scam.  Additionally, these types of scams can be targeted to older individuals via the telephone – the caller claiming a grandchild or other relative is in trouble and needs funds wired immediately to settle legal matters.

If you receive a similar notice or phone call and are not sure it is a scam, you should ALWAYS verify the information before sending any money.

 For additional information on “social engineering” scams and other cyber crimes, check out the information available on the FBI’s “Scams and Safety” link:

2013 Holiday Trash Pick-Up Schedule

Holiday Trash Pick-Up Schedule

With the Christmas and New Years’ holidays upon us once again, Eagle Disposal has confirmed that they will be picking up trash and recycling on the following dates:

Christmas Week:  Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Years’ Week:  Saturday, January 4, 2014

Please note that they WILL NOT be picking up discarded Christmas trees.  The Township Board of Supervisors will be scheduling Christmas tree pick-up dates at their January meeting.  This detail will be conducted by the Township’s Road Department and not Eagle Disposal.  As soon as the dates for the pick-up have been announced, we will post them here!

New Year Will Bring New Rules for Disposing of Electronic Devices

Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Township News magazine

New rules for disposing of electronic devices that take effect on January 24, 2013, will prohibit consumers from throwing away laptops, computers, monitors, televisions, and other such electronics with their trash. Under the state Covered Device Recycling Act of 2010, waste haulers will no longer be able to take these items unless the municipality has a curbside electronics collection program that ultimately sends the devices to an electronics recycler.

“Proper recycling is important because there are millions and millions of devices, they have a limited useful life span, and they contain heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, as well as other materials that do not belong in the normal trash stream,” state Secretary of Environmental Protection Michael Krancer said in a news release.

Many of these devices also contain valuable metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, and base metals, such as copper, iron, and aluminum that can be separated and reused in new products.

The law also requires manufacturers of covered devices to provide for the collection, transportation, and recycling of these items through one-day events, permanent collection programs, or mail-back options. Some retailers also accept electronics for recycling either at no charge or in exchange for rebates or coupons.

A current list of collection opportunities, including those offered by manufacturers and retailers, is available by calling DEP’s toll-free recycling hotline at (800) 346-4242. Consumers may also obtain electronics recycling information from their county recycling coordinator. Contact information for county recycling coordinators can be found on the DEP website at, keyword “Recycle.”