Special Meeting held Tuesday September 22, 2009

The Board of Supervisors conducted a special meeting commencing on September 22, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. Chairwomen Ms. Silvernail called the meeting to order, present were Supervisors Mr. Hensel and Ms. Horan, Township CPA Mr. Drozd and members of the community.

Ms. Silvernail announced that the Board would dispense with the moment of silence and pledge of allegiance and reading of any minutes. Ms. Silvernail stated the purpose of the meeting is to begin the 2010 budget process.

Mr. Drozd reported

A slight increase in income and the Earned Income Tax is higher by $61,000 and the local service tax was higher by $31,000, transfer taxes equal what was expected.

Mr. Drozd reported that less fines and penalties were collected this year.

Lower interest has been posted to accounts.

Less liquid fuels money received than budgeted difference of $1,793.00.

State grant of $60,000.00 for park project has not been received.

Less building permits by $33,000.00 and reduced public safety expense by $29,000.00, Zoning revision $4,200 higher than expected.

Legal expense higher than budget because of lien related costs are higher by $12,000.00.

Public safety does not include payroll adjustments for new police contract.

Budget shows highway work at $81,000.00, bid on highway project was $70,215.00.

The Board agreed to continue with moving forward with the lien and collection process, Township needs security to eventually get money. Mr. Drozd stated that $63,000.00 is still open for the trash account.

Mr. Drozd said that the 2010 budget numbers appear to be the same as the beginning of the 2009 year, he commended the Board for a good job budgeting expenses. No tax increases or changes for next year.

Mr. Drozd said that the consumer price index last year was 4.4% and the Board gave a 3% raise, he reported that this year it is -1%. Mr. Hensel suggested that the Township hold off on raises and just hold where we are. Ms. Horan agreed. After discussion the Board requested that Mr. Drozd do a comparison of 2% and 3% range for raises and it will be discussed next budget meeting.

The Board agreed to keep medical insurance as it is with the Township to pay up to $540.00 of health insurance and the employee being responsible for the rest should it go over that amount.

Mr. Drozd said under capital items is a new copier and computer & printers. The Board agreed to keep a computer on budget if the computers fault; the copier & printers are fine.

Mr. Drozd asked Chief Groce the costs of uniforms that are currently budgeted in this year’s budget, what is the status? Chief Groce said that out of the $4,500.00 budgeted he will probably use ½ of the money in 2009. Mr. Drozd asked what the status of the Durango console is. Chief Groce said he was going to look into grant money to cover the costs. Mr. Drozd asked about his finger print equipment that is in the current budget. Chief Groce said he is still getting costs for the equipment.

Mr. Turner discussed with the Board his 2010 capital needs:

Diamond mid mount boom mower attachment with 50 inch flail head: costs $35,792.36. Mr. Turner stated that by purchasing the attachment would eliminate the need for new equipment. The current mower is in poor condition. The Board suggested that Mr. Turner seeks grant money to help with the costs.

Mr. Turner stated that he attended the Delchester Public Works Association fall education session regarding liquid de icing products. Mr. Turner provided the Board with State Contract pricing for brine de icing methods, a brine maker would cost $22,783.00. An applicator would cost for each truck $2,743.00 and a tailgate system would cost each truck $2,001.00 each. Mr. Turner stated that he spoke to several municipalities and got mixed opinions regarding the brine de icing methods. Mr. Turner suggested getting more information and looking at it again during the budget process in 2011 or 2012. Mr. Turner stated that cones and barricades are needed; the Board suggested that if these items are needed the road crew purchase them now; Mr. Drozd stated that money is in the current budget to do so.

Mr. Drozd stated that items postponed from the 2009 budget were:

Cell phone upgrade, landscape, security system, additional cameras, additional chairs for the meeting room.

After discussion the Board stated that none of those items are needed except the additional camera could be used for the parks.

Mr. Drozd questioned the use of the old Township building. The Board stated that they are working with a realtor to get the building listed.

The Board stated that they want budgeted for next year the codification of the Township Ordinances, the Township received quotes from General Code in the amount of $21,500.00 and Keystone Publishers in the amount of $8,668.00.

A roll up door over the window at the concession stand at Bert Reel Park approximate costs $1,000.00

Chief Groce requested that $10,000.00 be put away towards the purchase of a new vehicle in 2011.

The Board agreed to continue with sharing 1/3 of the Local Service Taxes with each fire company.

Mr. Turner requested that the Board consider their need for a road department sub contractor to be on call for snow removal. Mr. Turner stated under the CDL they can work 14 hours with a 10 hour break. The Board stated that Earl Taylor was used as a fill in last year. The Board requested that Chief Groce look into the CDL Laws and see if they apply to all Township owned vehicles. The Board suggested that the road crew watch the weather forecast and determine the proper hours that are needed to work and stagger the hours so that while one is home resting the other can be in the Township plowing as necessary. The Board discussed the request of $200.00 that the road crew is requesting to cover boots, pants, sweat shirts and clothing and an additional $150.00 for winter jackets. The Board agreed not to approve the clothing, but will allow the winter jackets, Mr. Drozd stated that the jackets will fit in this years budget, the Board agreed to allow them to buy the jackets. Mr. Turner requested permission to hire Delaware Valley Concrete to pour a 20x20x4 pad at the current salt bin. Mr. Turner stated that the cost to concrete is approximately $700.00. The Board recommended that Mr. Turner have Herb MacCombie look at the site and get his suggestions, Mr. Hensel added that it is in the same area is the sanitary sewer line.

Sergeant Ranck stated that the police garage is leaking badly when it rains. The Board directed the Township Secretary to get quotes to have it repaired.

The Board agreed to schedule the next budget work session on Tuesday October 20, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.

Ms. Silvernail made a motion, seconded by Ms. Horan, to advertise the next budget work session to be held on October 20, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye” the motion passed unanimously.

The Board discussed the Western Chester County Regional Economic Study and the Township being requested to join. Ms. Silvernail stated that Mr. Prowant and Mr. Rambo met with Ms. Silvernail to answer questions pertaining to the study. Ms. Silvernail stated that a budget would provide for $10,000 of local costs to be shared between all 9 municipalities and school district which means the Township’s will assume at least $1,000.00 should be budgeted for 2010 regardless of population of each Township. Ms. Silvernail stated that the Township has already done a comprehensive plan, subdivision land development plan and is in the process of a zoning update. The purpose for the study is regional planning and bringing business into municipalities. The Board stated that currently the industrial portion of the Township is strong. The Board agreed no to move forward and be part of this study as it will have no impact on Sadsbury Township.

Ms. Silvernail made a motion, seconded by Mr. Hensel, not to participate in the Western Chester County Regional Economic Study. With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

As per the Police Contract, Chief Groce stated that he has prepared all the numbers for the Township police department regarding payroll and paying the officers their back pay for raises retroactive January 1, 2009 to be in the amount of $6,527.95. Mr. Drozd stated that he has reviewed all the documents and found them to be correct and has no issues with this request.

Ms. Silvernail made a motion, seconded by Mr. Hensel, to forward the back pay documents for all officers to pay their raises retroactive January 1, 2009 in the amount of $6,527.95 as per the Township Police Contract. With there being no questions from the public, the board voting, “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

With there being no further business, Ms. Silvernail made a motion, seconded by Mr. Hensel to adjourn the Special Budget Work Session. With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Myers