Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes May 23, 2016

Parks and Recreation Committee

Minutes of meeting on May 23, 2016
Sadsbury Township Municipal Building

Present: Anthony Schuibbeo, Rita Maurio, Leonard Maurio, Matt Hensel, Simon Jessey

Absent: Jesse Donovan

Meeting called to order by Anthony Schuibbeo at 7:00 p.m.

Old business


Rita Maurio provided updates on the upcoming “Community Day”, beginning with a summary of where the event stands with vendors. As of the meeting date, there are 10 paying vendors confirmed (with 8 to be inside the vendor tent and 2 outside the tent). There are also 3 prospective vendors (2 inside, 1 outside), 4 nonpaying vendors and 6 prospective nonpaying vendors.

Opening Ceremonies

Next, Rita Maurio went over the order of the opening ceremonies for the event:

  • Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem featuring a Girl Scout troop
  • Performances from Russel Baton Twirling, AmCor Karate and Kinetic Athletics Cheerleading
  • Dedication of “Eric’s Place” playground

Chuck DiLabbio provided updates on the construction of the new playground, including the expected timeline for completion and information about the playground’s features. The committee discussed media coverage of the dedication ceremony, how the ceremony will be conducted and what music will be provided by the DJ (Earl Taylor) for the event.


The Chair provided a summary of the daylong event activities that had been established. These include activities provided by Keystone Valley Fire Department, Sadsburyville Fire Company, music and public address from Earl Taylor, the YMCA’s “Activan”, an inflatable obstacle course and moon bounces from Bouncyroo, a face painter and door prize giveaways. The committee discussed possible additional activities, including a tug of war competition, a crash truck from Sikorsky and the possible appearance of “Stubby the Traveling Helicopter” from the American Helicopter Museum.

Food Services

The committee reviewed the status of food provision and vendors for Community Day. These include:

  • Hot dogs and hamburgers to be kindly donated by John Lymbaris
  • Root beer to be donated or sold by Victory Brewing
  • Soda and water supplies to be arranged by Matt Hensel
  • Assorted bagged chips to be kindly donated by Herr’s
  • Vendors to include PJ’s Deli, Fat Matt’s BBQ and Tyler’s Water Ice

The committee discussed the need for grills for the hamburgers and hot dogs, rolls, condiments, paper products, and cooks and servers at food stations. Matt Hensel is acquiring the necessary Temporary Event License for food sales.

Site Preparation

The committee discussed the preparation of Bert Reel Park for the event. The flagpole in the park is only partially painted, with the top third apparently unpainted. Members of the committee resolved to investigate whether or not the Public Works Department would be responsible for painting the flagpole, and whether or not a bucket truck might be acquired from Vietri Electric to complete the task.

The committee considered how to deal with the parking, entrance and exits at Bert Reel Park during Community Day. Simon Jessey suggested using straw bales to create passageways to guide foot traffic into the park. Simon said he would investigate where to obtain some bales for this purpose. Earl Taylor said that the fire departments had previously been responsible for directing traffic into and out of parking areas, and would likely be able to do so for the upcoming event. It was suggested that a water station could be setup in consideration of the August heat. Simon Jessey provided aerial views and diagrams of Bert Reel Park and outlined his suggestions for the locations of attractions for the event.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Skip Maurio provided an update on the financial status. $2,925 is currently available, with $1,875 in collected sponsorships, $300 in paid vendor spaces and $750 allocated to Parks in the Township’s General Fund. There is an additional $200 pending from vendors who have committed to the event, but not yet submitted payment.

New Business


There was an open discussion between current and past members of the Parks and Recreation Committee in attendance on how volunteers were recruited for previous events.


Matt Hensel said he would contact a custom shirt printer to investigate the cost and lead time of providing Community Day T-shirts for volunteers.

Advertising, signage and publicity

The committee discussed the design of flyers for distribution to households, and posters for display in local businesses. Simon Jessey said he would make revisions to the existing artwork to reflect any changes needed. There was a discussion on the limitations of the Sadsbury Township website and the difficulty in getting quick updates for promoting “Community Day” and other parks and recreation matters. Simon said he would contact the township’s website maintainer to discuss how to improve this process. The committee discussed the Community Day sign at the park. Simon said he would visit the park to ascertain whether or not the existing posts could still support the sign or a banner.

With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Simon Jessey

Vice Chair, Sadsbury Township Parks and Recreation Committee

Parks and Recreations Committee Minutes April 25, 2016

Parks and Recreations Committee
Minutes of meeting on April 25, 2016
Sadsbury Township Municipal Building

Present: Anthony Schuibbeo, Rita Maurio, Leonard Maurio, Matt Hensel, Simon Jessey
Absent: Jesse Donovan

Anthony Schuibbeo called the meeting to order at 7:00pm and presided over a reorganization of the Parks and Recreations Committee (PARC). The following positions were nominated and seconded:

  • Rita Maurio – Chair
  • Simon Jessey – Vice Chair
  • Matt Hensel – Director of Operations
  • Leonard Maurio – Treasurer

Anthony Schuibbeo then turned the meeting over to Rita Maurio.

Regular Meeting

Finance and mail

Rita Maurio chaired a meeting concerning “Community Day”, with the financial status of the event first on the agenda. Members of the Committee have raised a total of $1,375 toward “Community Day”, with Matt Hensel in particularly doing sterling work. We have:

  • Sponsorship of $600 from Extra Mile Auto
  • 7 vendor slots at $50 each:
  • Hensel Lawn – 2 slos
  • Newark – 2 slots
  • Rachel Cox (Avon) – 1 slot
  • Fishing Lures – 1 slot
  • P. J. Deli – 1 slot (requiring electricity)
  • $25 monetary donation from Mail N More
  • Door prize donation from Oasis Market (car washes)
  • Door prize donation from Arty’s Automotive (free inspection)

Leonard and Rita Maurio reported on their efforts to contact sponsors and vendors, and there was a general discussion on how and where to solicit additional paying vendors. Matt Hensel will contact Jack Asetta (President of Parkesburg Community Day) for suggestions. Rita Maurio will contact the Western Chester County
Chamber of Commerce. There was a general discussion about how we should receive and disburse money from fundraising efforts. We resolved to maintain a ledger for internal bookkeeping and coordinate with the Township Treasurer. The Committee would like to explore the possibility of getting its own Post Office Box or a dedicated mailbox so that its mail can be kept separate from general Township correspondence.


The PARC discussed creating and distributing flyers for the event. Simon Jessey submitted designs for the flyer and for the sign to be put up in Bert Reel Park, which is apparently double sided. After considering the impact of a potential rain day, the Committee decided to eliminate it and instead advertise the event as “rain or shine”. It was noted that this change would need to occur on all distributed literature. Simon Jessey said he would look into updating the Township’s website to include promotion of Community Day, including a downloadable copy of the flyer.

Event Activities

Simon Jessey said he would investigate an alternative inflatables provider for comparison pricing with Bouncy Roo; however, he reminded the Committee we had promised vendors, sponsors and residents an inflatable obstacle course that is unique to Bouncy Roo. He also said he would look into the cost of a vendor tent to cover
the basketball court.
Anthony Schuibbeo put in a hands-free call to Earl Taylor to ask how much space he needs for DJ-ing and presentations. It was decided that the event could manage with a flatbed trailer provided by Matt Hensel, rather than an expensive rented platform. This would save at least $1,200 on Community Day expenses. There was also
discussion about how we could use straw bales to enhance the look of the trailer, conceal electrical extension cords and provide means to steer walking traffic.
Matt Hansel said he will talk to a beverage company about getting a soda fountain for the event.

Snack Shack

The Snack Shack in Bert Reel Park has been cleaned and sanitized by Matt Hensel and his wife. After being dormant for six years, the Shack was reopened on Friday, April 22, 2016 for a Babe Ruth Little League game, staffed by Matt and his wife Amanda. Revenue from the night totaled $54.75. This was made possible by an initial injection of capital from Matt, who will use the early profits to recoup the expense.
Matt expressed a need for volunteer staffing at the Shack during Little League games and more. It is anticipated that the Shack’s use will increase as the baseball field is used by other leagues, such as the Men’s Softball League. Currently, only Matt, his family, and members of the PARC have made themselves available.
The PARC discussed the need for a banner for the Snack Shack, as well as advertising its operation. This would include some blurb on the Township website.

PARC Activities for May

  • The PARC members will continue to seek vendors and sponsorship for “Community Day”.
  • Simon will deliver a summary of the month’s PARC activities to the Supervisors Meeting on May 3.
  • Simon and Rita will seek a meeting with the Township Treasurer to discuss financial matters.
  • Advertising for Community Day (sign, flyers, website) and the Snack Shack (sign, website) will be investigated.

With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Simon Jessey

Vice Chair, Sadsbury Township Parks and Recreations Committee
The next meeting of the Parks and Recreations Committee is on Monday, May 23, 2016 at 7:00 pm in the Township Municipal Building. Residents of Sadsbury Township are welcome to attend.