PAWC Discontinues Wastewater/Sewer Billing Services

Please be advised that as of October 31, 2012 Pennsylvania American Water (PAWC) discontinued billing for sewer/wastewater services. PAWC’s decision in this matter was determined by a desire to exit their billing services line of business as well as IT limitations for their organization.

The final billing date for all sewer/wastewater service was October 31, 2012.

By now, you should have received your PAWC bill and will notice that charges for sewer/wastewater no longer appear.  PAWC will continue to bill for regular water service only and the sewer/wastewater portion will be billed by Sadsbury Township.

The next billing cycle for sewer/wastewater use will occur in January of 2013.  That billing will show any delinquent amounts still shown due by PAWC in addition to the remainder of the fourth quarter of 2012 which did not appear on the final PAWC bill.

Going forward any and all payments for sewer/wastewater charges should be paid directly to Sadsbury Township at the above address.

For any property owners in Sadsbury Township with rentals, please be advised that the Township will be billing all legal owners directly.  It will be the landlord’s responsibility to bill and/or collect from their tenants as the Township is not in the position to act as a collection agency.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (610) 857-9503 should you have any questions or require any additional information.