Get Less Junk Mail

3945189711_289fc5ba25_oIf your New Year’s Resolutions include getting more organized one way to start is to get less Junk Mail. The Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA), a longtime provider of recycling services in the region is proud to announce the availability of a “Junk Mail Reduction Kit” for the residents of its service area. One of SECCRA’s major objectives is to provide a regional waste management approach to municipal solid waste issues in southern Chester County. Waste reduction is part of this approach.  Almost everyone receives a lot of junk mail. In fact, the average person receives approximately 70-90 pounds of unsolicited junk mail annually. Reducing the amount of junk mail generated has far-reaching benefits to the community, and contributes to effective solid waste management.

The “Junk Mail Reduction Kit” is a postcard sized, foldout brochure which includes tear-off postcards that residents can fill out to take their names off the mailing lists of the nation’s four largest direct mail advertisers. It also provides the toll-free phone numbers to stop five of the biggest data-compiling companies from selling their names and addresses to marketers.

To receive a “Junk Mail Reduction Kit,” contact the SECCRA office at 610-869-2452, and one will be mailed out.