Police News

Alarm Registration:

Pursuant to Township Code, all alarm devices – both business and residential – are required to be registered with the Chief of Police of Sadsbury Township.  To register your alarm system, click here for the application.  The application fee is $25.00 and checks should be made payable to the Sadsbury Township Police Department.

Accident Reports:

Copies of accident/incident reports may be obtained via mail. When requesting a report, please send a check in the amount of $15.00 made out to the Sadsbury Township Police Department and be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please supply us with the date, time, location and parties involved. As soon as the report is complete it will be processed.

Please mail all requests to:

Sadsbury Police, P.O. Box 418, Sadsburyville, PA 19369

House Numbers:

Please post your house number with three-inch numbers in a visible location near the street, either on a mailbox or post. This is not required in the Township ordinance, however it assists the ambulance or police in locating you in an emergency. It also enables us to locate your residence without shining a spotlight on the front of your house during the night as we look for the right house number.


Many of us have pets. The Sadsbury Township Ordinances prohibit animals at large, running loose. We have had an increase in the number of complaints for animals running loose on your neighbor’s property. Please be considerate of the people in your neighborhood-keep your pets confined on your property. For more information visit our Animal Licensure Information page.