Refuse and Recycling

Trash Collection Information

Eagle Disposal of PA
717-355-9560 phone 717-355-0381 fax

In 2011, the Board of Supervisors awarded the contract for collection of Municipal Waste to Eagle Disposal of East Earl, PA.

  • The pickup schedule will remain the same Friday morning pick-up.  The haulers are requesting that you place your trash out on the curb on Thursday evening, as long as it is in a secure container so as not to blow away should there be storms or gusty winds.
  • If a holiday falls during the week, the trash will typically be collected a day later (Saturday).  Eagle Disposal has provided the following holiday schedule for their customers:

The details and limits for collection are as follows:

  • Not more than two (2) thirty-two (32) gallon drums or cans of garbage weighing more than fifty-five (55) pounds each.
  • The trash collection also includes the curbside collection of commingled recyclable materials including aluminum cans, newspaper, clear brown and green glass, bi-metal and steel cans, plastics #1 & #2, corrugated cardboard, and mixed paper.
  • One (1) bulk-type item per household per week (NOTE:   ALL BULK AND TRASH MUST BE PLACED OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE).

Bulk Items Guidelines

NO Concrete rocks or dirt
NO Automotive parts
NO Riding mowers
NO Tires
NO Batteries
NO Liquid waste
NO Metal poles
NO Freon items unless arrangements are made with hauler
NO piles
ALL Carpet must be bundled in lengths of 4 foot or less (3) bundles per household
ALL small items must be bagged
ALL bulk trash must be place out the night before

NOTE:  As of January 24, 2012, Eagle Disposal will no longer accept televisions, computers, peripherals, etc. as bulk items.  Under PA House Bill 708, “Covered Device Recycling Act,” landfills and solid waste disposal facilities will no longer be allowed to accept these types of devices and/or their components.  Please see below links for additional information.

Examples of Recycling:

 On the paper side:
The trash haulers prefer newspaper in paper shopping bags placed beside the recycle container, which will contain the commingled items.
Good Material: Junk mail, newspapers, and cardboard cut into 12- inch squares.
Bad Material: Pizza boxes, any waxed cardboard.

On the commingle side:
Good Material: Plastic drink containers, soda cans, 1 gallon or smaller water or milk bottles, soup cans.

Bad Material: Gas cans, propane cylinders, spray paint, paint of any kind, no hazardous explosive or flammable materials.

2015 Chester County Solid Waste Authority HHW Schedule

2015 CCSWA Residential E-Waste Recycling

Other Recycling Information

Aluminum, Styrofoam, Propane tanks, Smoke Dectectors, Mercury
Automotive Waste Drop-Off Centers
Batteries, Computers. Printer Cartridges
Freon Recovery Services
Curbside Recycling Service
Drop off Locations