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Tropical Beach PhotoTaking a Summer Vacation…?

You can let the Sadsbury Township Police Department know that you will be away so that they can make periodic checks of your home.

If you would like to request a vacation property check, click hereThe completed form can be e-mailed to the Sadsbury Township Police Department  at sadsburytwppolice@comcast.net, submitted via fax at (610) 857-4666, or mailed to PO Box 418, Sadsburyville, PA  19369 .


New Police CarPolice Seek Public’s Assistance

The Sadsbury Township Police are investigating an accident involving a pedestrian that was struck, leaving a young female hospitalized after sustaining numerous injuries.  The incident occurred in the area of 2941 Lincoln Highway on 7/17/2013 at approximately 10:00 PM.  Witnesses say the striking vehicle is described as possibly a late-model black or dark colored Dodge Avenger operated by 2 unknown passengers. Witnesses stated that at the time of the accident the passenger appeared to be younger white male who looked out the passenger side window after striking the female then fled the scene without stopping. If anyone has any information regarding the accident, please call Sadsbury Township Police at 610-857-9536 or 610-383-7000. Callers are advised they may remain anonymous.


Fraud Alert ImageFraud Alert – Medical Alert Scam!!

Better Business Bureaus across the country, the AARP, the FTC, the Pennsylvania Attorney General, and your Sadsbury Township Police Department are advising seniors to just hang up on medical alert scam robo-calls.  Consumers in Pennsylvania, as well as those in almost a dozen other states, have been reporting these automated calls from a company identifying themselves as “Emergency Medical Alert Systems” or something similar.

The automated message appears as a local number on Caller ID, but the number has been spoofed (technology that tricks your Caller ID system into displaying a fake number).  The call, recorded to give the impression that there is an actual person on the other end, says that someone has ordered a free medical alert system on their behalf and that the call is to confirm shipping instructions.

The call instructs the person on the receiving end to press 5 to receive their free medical alert system.  Pressing 5 initiates a call back to confirm your free system, verification of some information, and asks for a credit card number.

The Sadsbury Township Police Department wants to remind everyone to just HANG UP!  Don’t press anything – simply hang up the phone.  If you believe that you have been a target of a scam,

Always beware of “free” offers and unsolicited callers asking for personal information.  Remember, when in doubt, don’t give it out.  If you are not sure who you are dealing with, don’t give out ANY personal information.  Regardless of what they say, no legitimate organization (including Medicare), will call to ask for your bank account number or Social Security number.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

For further details, check-out the following link to the press release from Attorney General Kathleen Kane:  http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/press.aspx?id=6993 .


Summer Safety LogoSummer Safety Tips & Reminders

With summer almost here, children are out of school and spending more time outside.  The Sadsbury Township Police Department offers the following tips for keeping your kids safe while on summer vacation.

Although your child should be supervised by a trusted adult at all times, it is still important to teach them:

1.)   Never get into a car, go along with, or admit a stranger to your home.

2.)   Teach children when and how to dial 9-1-1.

3.)   Make sure younger children know their name, address, and phone number.

4.)   Ensure that all children know their parent’s names, addresses and phone numbers.

5.)  Caution teenagers about “blind dates” and meeting unknown on-line contacts.

6.)  Teach all children how to exit your home in case of an emergency.

7.)  Emphasize that police officers, EMT’s, and fire department personnel are there to help in an emergency.

8.)  Make sure all children know how to answer the telephone so as not to give out personal information (i.e. home addresses, absence of adults, etc.).

9.)  Chapter 59 of the Sadsbury Township Ordinances sets guidelines for children/minors to be in public areas and/or establishments.  It is important for parents to understand the guidelines set forth by the Township for the conduct and safety of the children in the Township:

Curfew Hours for “young minors” (Under the age of sixteen [16])

9:15 PM on school nights

10:15 PM on non-school nights

Curfew hours for “mature minors” (Between the ages of sixteen [16] and eighteen [18])

11:00 PM on school nights

12:00 AM on non-school nights

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 Cyber Crime Update

Cyber Crime WarningAn Important Reminder from the Sadsbury Township Police Department:

The Sadsbury Township Police Department recently received a report of a local “social engineering” scam. These types of scams involve hackers using individuals e-mail or social networking accounts to send notices to their contacts.

In these notices, the hackers claim to be that individual in immediate need of money due to having been robbed or mugged. They will claim that they have lost their credit cards, cell phones, passport, and money – leaving them stranded in any number of locations from Mexico to Maylasia. Some will claim that they only have a few days to pay their hotel bill and all promise to reimburse upon their return home.

The sense of urgency these messages create often cause the recipients to be less than vigilant in validating the claim – increasing the likelihood of them falling for the scam. Additionally, these types of scams can be targeted to older individuals via the telephone – the caller claiming a grandchild or other relative is in trouble and needs funds wired immediately to settle legal matters.

If you receive a similar notice or phone call and are not sure it is a scam, you should ALWAYS verify the information before sending any money.

For additional information on “social engineering” scams and other cyber crimes, check out the information available on the FBI’s “Scams and Safety” link: http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety .