2012 Local Farm Product Guide Now Available!

FarmGuide250_thumbThe Chester County Agricultural Development Council is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and has released the 2012 edition of the Local Farm Product Guide.  The guide recognizes agriculture as an important component of the County’s economy and introduces readers to some of the farmers and organizations committed to advancing agriculture in our area. The guide also includes a list of over 100 producers within the county with maps to their locations.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program

2012 HHW Collection Events Schedule

CPUs/Laptop Computers
Copiers (desktop & stand-alone)
CRT Televisions and Non-CRT Televisions
Answering Machines
Cell Phones
Docking Stations
Electric Typewriters
Fax/Copy Machines/Duplicators
Remote Controls/Gaming Consoles/Controllers
Stereo/Tape/CD Players
Telephones & Equipment
Toner/Ink Cartridges
VCR/DVD Players
Testing Equipment
Explosives & Ammunition
Household Batteries
Appliances with Freon
Used Motor Oil
Latex Paint
Unidentified Waste
Smoke Detectors can be put in trash

Arbor Day Tree Planting at Sadsbury Woods Preserve

Saturday, April 30 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Did you know that over a 50-year lifetime a tree generates $31,250 worth of oxygen, provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycles $37,500 worth of water, and controls $31,350 worth of soil erosion?

With your help, we’ll plant 1,400 trees at our Sadsbury Woods Preserve at this event, so it’s easy to calculate the long-term impact of our efforts! (To save you the math, that’s almost $227 million.)

Join us for a the whole morning, or for just a few hours. Children and groups of any size are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.

Please wear boots or shoes that can get muddy, and bring work gloves and a
shovel, if possible. We’ll be digging holes, planting seedlings, and placing
protective tree tubes around the trees.

This event made possible through partnership with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, TreeVitalize, PA Department of Environmental Protection, and Chester County Conservation District, and Natural Lands Trust.

Pre-registration is required. Please email Mandy Santiago or call her at 610-353-5587 ext. 266.