Special Meeting Wednesday May 13, 2009

The Board of Supervisors conducted a special meeting on Wednesday May 13, 2009 commencing at 9:00 a.m. Chairwomen Ms. Silvernail called the meeting to order, present were Supervisors Mr. Hensel and Ms. Horan, Mr. Ward of Whitford Insurance, Mr. Drozd Township CPA and members of the community.

A moment of silence and pledge of allegiance were waived.

Mr. Bob Ward gave each Board member a commercial insurance program package which specifies all lines of coverage that the Township currently holds. The Board discussed and reviewed the following insurance:

  • Property Insurance Policy Outline
  • Property Location Listing
  • Commercial Property Coverage Outline
  • Equipment Floater Limits
  • Scheduled Equipment * Add new Skag Mower, Chipper, Traffic Signal at AIM Blvd.
  • Commercial General Liability Outline
  • General Liability Schedule of Exposures * Changed the number of employees to (5) instead of (11)
  • Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Risk Management Schedule of Benefits
  • Commercial General Liability Coverage
  • Commercial Automobile Policy Outline * remove 1985 Chevy Blazer
  • Schedule of Commercial Vehicles * remove 1994 Ford
  • Commercial Automobile Coverage’s
  • Workers Compensation Policy Outline
  • Premium Quotation
  • Commercial Experience Report

The insurance meeting was concluded.

Budget work session:

Mr. Drozd stated that based on current review of the 2009 budget he reported the following possible changes that are occurring:

  • The Township is awaiting the workers compensation insurance documents from Pomeroy Fire Company.
  • The payment of additional legal fees relating to the police contract.
  • The payment of retroactive wage increase for the police department for 2008
  • Lower trash income.

Mr. Drozd reported that during the preparation of the 2009 budget, the Township budgeted the cost needed to run their overall operations and did not include any special projects in order to avoid a real estate tax increase. Based on a review of the 2009 budget to actual as of April 30, 2009, it appears that the Township expenses are tracking our expectations. Mr. Drozd is concerned about the real estate tax revenue and trash revenue collects as of April 30, 2009. Based on prior years trends the Township should have collected a higher percentage of revenues. Mr. Drozd believes it is due to the financial stress of the economy.

Mr. Drozd stated that the Township budgeted $81,000.00 for the following projects:

  • Quaker Lane bridge guard rail for $1,000.00
  • Octorara Road Bridge painting, refacing and undercutting for $30,000.
  • Old Mill Road Bridge and Compass Road Bridge guard rail signs per Pen Dot’s letter dated September 18, 2008 for $10,000.
  • Old Mill Road Work for $40,000.

Mr. Drozd stated an option is to fund unexpected expenses is to determine if any of these projects can be delayed or to find out if any of the projects would cost less then originally budgeted.

Ms. Silvernail expressed concerns with the condition of Compass Road; Mr. Hensel recommended that the Township lay hot patch and maybe later tar and chip the road. The Board agreed to wait for the Township to complete a road inspection with the Township Engineer and get his comments.

Ms. Horan asked if the Township has made attempts to rent the old building. The Township Secretary ran an advertisement in the Community Courier for several issues and did not receive one phone call. Ms. Horan suggested calling a realtor.

Chief Groce suggested that the uniform expense of $4,500. can be postponed until the year 2010.

The Board agreed to meet to review the budget every few months to keep an eye on expenses as this is the worst budget the Township has seen.

Ms. Silvernail stated that Ken Myers the Attorney representing the Municipalities against the Pennsylvania American rate increase has been in contact with her and states that he will be attending a meeting with PAWC to challenge the increase. Mr. Myers stated that the costs would be $1,000. per the (4) Municipalities. Mr. Hensel said he recommends not to spend any more money to pursue; Ms. Horan said Township cannot afford any more expenses. The Board was in agreement not to pursue the rate increase matter; Ms. Silvernail said she will email Mr. Myers.

Mr. Jeff Sellers provided the Township with insurance information; he stated that Pomeroy Fire Company is seeking the assistance of Sadsbury Township to pay the workman’s compensation for the full time paid employees.

With there being no being no further business, Ms. Silvernail made a motion, seconded by Mr. Hensel, to adjourn the Board of Supervisors special meeting. With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Myers