Sadsbury Township Vacancy Board Special Meeting, Tuesday August 29, 2017

A special meeting of the Sadsbury Township Vacancy Board was conducted on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 commencing at 7:00 P.M.  Vacancy Board Chairman, Nancy Keen called the meeting to order.  Present was Supervisor Chairman, Mr. Hensel and Supervisor Earl Taylor via telephone connection to Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital accompanied by Solicitor Max O’Keefe.  Also present at the Township building was Township Solicitor, Mr. Pompo, and members of the community.  Township Manager, Mr. Walters was absent.

A moment of silence and Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Mr. Pompo stated that this is a meeting of the Township Vacancy Board.  The purpose of the meeting is to see if this Board can break the dead-lock that was the result of the Special Meeting that was held on August 22, 2017.  Ms. Keen has received all the resumes of the candidates for the appointment of Supervisor. In the last meeting, Mr. Taylor nominated Tom Greenfield and there was no second, Mr. Hensel nominated Dave Reynolds and there was no second.  Ms. Keen can ask for another motion of the same candidates or nominate someone else.

Ms. Keen asked if the two Supervisor were still nominating their chosen candidate.

Mr. Hensel is still nominating Dave Reynolds and Mr. Taylor is still nominating Tom Greenfield.

Mr. Pompo advised Ms. Keen that she can, at this time nominate someone else or get a second call for a vote.

Ms. Keen would like to make a motion to appoint Dave Reynolds as the new Township Supervisor.

Mr. Taylor asked to make a few comments.  Mr. Taylor stated that a comment made about Pomeranians by Mr. Hensel hurt him, and a lot of people in the Township have been hurt.  He is tired of keeping his mouth shut.  People in the Township Office were made to cry every day, and the firing of Tammy Russell was horrible.  The Police Department is in bad shape. Jerry Ranck came to visit and we said a prayer.  People who work in the Township are not appreciated.  The Road Crew is constantly being followed around; I am the Road Depart Liaison; but have been totally ignored.  It’s bad with all the Fire Department stuff going on.  I wanted to be Supervisor to help both fire departments.  Mr. Taylor asked Mr. O’Keefe to tell what a picture on Mr. Taylors phone was.  Mr. O’Keefe stated he is looking a gravestone image of Jesus Christ with an image of “Fling – 1972”.  Mr. Taylor said that two young boys had an accident and were both seriously hurt.  Pomeroy Ambulance could not come to the scene and Don Fling was taken to the hospital in the back of a pick-up truck.  When Earl was seriously hurt laying in the hospital, he was told that his friend had died. He was asked by the family to be an honorary pall bearer.  That is why he runs so hard for the fire company and ambulance.  He can’t say anything bad about Dave Reynolds, they have been through some tough times together and have gotten into trouble together.  Mr. Taylor stated he still wants Tom Greenfield for Supervisor for his experience.

Ms. Keen asked for a vote on her nomination of Dave Reynolds for Supervisor.  Mr. Hensel voted “aye”, Mr. Taylor voted “nay”, and Ms. Keen voted “aye”.  The motion passed.

Public Comment:

John Lymberis stated to Mr. Taylor that he hopes he is recovering.  He has been in touch with someone from Voter Services who said this Supervisor position will be voted on at the next election., not the one in November.

Mr. O’Keefe stated that according to the Second-Class Township Code, if the resignation is before September of an election year, a candidate would be on the ballot

In November.  Mr. Pompo stated he stands by their opinion with the Second-Class Township Code.

Ellen Rice stated that Mr. Hensel and Ms. Keen had an agreement to agree.  Earl will always be left out in the cold.  You guys are working for yourselves and not for the Township.  You are very biased and not fair.

Tom Greenfield thought there was an agreement to put off the vote on Keystone Valley until after the first of the year.

Charlene Pluck stated the Keystone Contract is null and void already.

Anthony Clark stated that there is a lot of bad blood in the Township.  If you don’t want someone, get rid of them at the next election.

Mr. Pompo stated the Vacancy Board has taken action.  The Vacancy Board does not do anything else.  If you have concerns, come to the next Board of Supervisors meeting.

With there being no further business, Ms. Keen made a motion, seconded by Mr. Hensel to adjourn the meeting.  With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Shank