Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes June 27, 2016

Parks and Recreation Committee

Minutes of meeting on June 27, 2016
Sadsbury Township Municipal Building

Present: Anthony Schuibbeo, Matt Hensel, Simon Jessey
Absent: Rita Maurio, Leonard Maurio, Jesse Donovan

Meeting called to order by Simon Jessey at 7:00 P.M.

Mae McGuigan

The committee discussed the need to commemorate the life of Mae McGuigan, her devotion to Sadsbury Township, and her many years as a member of the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Historical Society. The need to clean the commemorative plaque in the pavilion and perhaps add Mae’s name to it was discussed, along with perhaps getting a bench. It was agreed that the committee and the historical society would need to collaborate going forward, and that Mae’s family would need to be approached for their counsel. The next meeting of the Historical Society is on July 11, and the Parks and Recreation Committee meets July 25.

Old Business

Vendors and sponsors update

Simon Jessey provided a summary of new vendors and community services:

  • Keystone Custom Homes (paid vendor)
  • Chester County Health Department (WIC services)
  • Brandywine Hospital (health screening)
  • Rep Harry Lewis
  • Stephen Allgyer (vendor, pending payment)
  • Dino’s Water Ice (truck)
  • Russell’s Baton (demonstration in lieu of fee)

Simon reported that Rita’s three-week classified ad campaign in the Community Courier was not successful, with perhaps only one vendor picked up. Anthony Schuibbeo could not confirm specific Republican or Democratic involvement, but indicated that both were highly likely. Anthony also submitted a variety of business cards and contact details for prospective vendors picked up from the Strawberry Festival.

Matt said there was a crafts vendor interested, and Simon confirmed Herbert E. MacCombie as a sponsor.


Shirts for volunteers were discussed. It was decided that the shirts should use the same green and yellow color scheme being used at the new playground; the shirts will be yellow with green writing. Costs can be kept down by limiting colors. Simon will provide Matt with artwork mockups so that he can talk to his shirt contact. Going forward, the committee hopes to offer souvenir shirts to the public.

Signs, advertising

The committee discussed banners, flyers and posters. They decided to seek approval from the Board of Supervisors to purchase two “banner kits” from at a total cost not to exceed $600. One will be sited at Bert Reel Park, and the other outside the Township Municipal Building. Both will be highly visible to traffic passing in both directions, and the kits can be reused with new banners for future township events. Anthony brought literature from that offered alternative methods for producing flyers and information handouts at little cost or effort to the Township, and also noted Vistaprint can provide mailing services that would save the committee from having to hand out flyers door to door.

Gifts-in-kind update

The committee discussed the need for someone to collect a pallet of 21 straw bales from Hougar Farm the day before Community Day and deliver them to Bert Reel Park. There was also discussion about what could be done with them after the event. Matt and Anthony talked about the storage and serving of root beer from Victory Brewing. It was agreed that the best use of the $50 gift certificate from Walmart would be on paper goods and cups for serving food and drinks at the event. The committee needs more information about the gift of chips from Herr’s.

Food services update

Dino’s Water Ice has confirmed as a vendor, and will be selling out of a truck. The committee discussed food and drink pricing from the shack, and the sense was that keeping prices to round dollar amounts would make life easier. Matt said he would approach the Coca-Cola Company about getting Coke and Diet Coke for the event.

Treasurer’s report

To date, the activities of the Parks and Recreation Committee have raised $3,225 for Community Day, and the committee has spent $1,115 of that on the inflatables for the event. With the $750 that was already in the account, the current balance should be $2,860.

New Business

Action points for July

Rita will be confirming vendors and pickup arrangements for gifts-in-kind. Simon will be working on on artwork for signs, flyers and posters. Simon and Rita will be writing copy for a press release. Simon will seek approval from the Board of Supervisors to rent the vendor tent from Discount Tent. The committee will work harder to fill the ranks of volunteers, which currently sits at perhaps a third of the needed number. The committee will also look into whether or not it is possible to get Stubby the Helicopter for Community Day.


Simon made a presentation of a Parks and Recreation website he has been building. The plan is to use it to promote the wellbeing of residents through the use of the township’s parks and trails. It is intended to be frequently updated with news, interviews, features and information on upcoming events. Simon will seek approval from the Board of Supervisors to “launch” the site and begin integrating it with the main Sadsbury Township site.

Snack Shack update

The relaunch of the Snack Shack in 2016 has been successful. After reimbursements, Matt informed the committee it had raised $146. The committee discussed how the shack would be operated during Community Day, including what was needed for cooking and keeping food warm.

Idea exchange, public comment

The committee discussed Rita’s suggestion of distributing a 20% off coupon to vendors who could confirm their involvement in the Tricentennial by September 30, 2016. It was suggested that this date could be extended much longer, to perhaps the end of January 2017. There was extended discussion about getting feedback from our vendors and sponsors after the event, so that the committee could learn from their experiences and tailor the event to help vendors and sponsors get a better return on their investment for the next Community Day. The committee would also seek testimonials from both vendors and the public, to aid publicity for the next event.

The committee discussed the power requirements for Community Day, with the need to spread the load between the Snack Shack and the pavilion outlets. The inflatables will need five outlets from the Snack Shack, and the food services will need a few as well.

Impediments to having Kiddie Rides from Majestic Midways at future events were discussed. Besides the usual liability issues, the small size of Bert Reel Park might be a factor. It is hoped that the Tricentennial will be a multi-location event, so a better venue for the Kiddie Rides may be available.

The committee discussed upcoming projects and priorities, including the resurfacing of the basketball court, building dugouts, installing a scoreboard and making repairs and upgrades to the fence at the baseball field, and activities that could take place in those facilities, including a 2 on 2 basketball contest and a home run derby.

Anthony brought to the attention of the committee potential problems with park rental, after recent issues with noise and alcohol. Going forward, some tweaking of the rules may be needed, and enforcement options were explored. It was suggested that park rental should be limited to residents of the township only, with perhaps exceptions to be made for regular renters from out-of-township who are in good standing.

With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Simon Jessey

Vice Chair, Sadsbury Township Parks and Recreation Committee