Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes June 26, 2017

Parks and Recreation Committee

Minutes of meeting on June 26, 2017
Sadsbury Township Municipal Building

Present: Simon Jessey, Matt Hensel, Deborah Jessey
Absent: Erik Brecht, Lori Brecht

  • Meeting called to order by Mr Jessey at 7:00 P.M.
  • Mr Jessey made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Mr Hensel.
  • Mr Jessey made a motion to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Mr Hensel.

Old business

  1. Mr Jessey reported that the township had approved the proposed artwork.
  2. Mr Jessey reported that he had sent out letters to potential sponsors from within the township.
  3. The Snack Shack has been doing well, and the Committee agreed it was ready to make a donation to the parks budget.
  4. Mr Jessey reported that AmKor Karate and Russell Dance & Baton Studio have both agreed to perform for the Tricentennial.
  5. Mr Jessey reported that Hougar Farms have generously agreed to donate straw bales again.
  6. Mr Jessey reported the Snack Shack doors had been re-keyed, and the bathrooms had new signs.
  7. Mr Hensel reported on the lack of interest from potential food vendors, and the Committee agreed to offer incentives.
  8. Mrs Jessey reported that to date, sponsors have contributed $2,650 with another $1,000 pending.
  9. Mr Walters reported he has spoken to someone about a PA system and will make sure it is provided.
  10. Mr Walters said that putting on a fireworks display was going to be very difficult, due to the proximity of the airport. The Committee voted to abandon the idea of having a display.

New business

  1. The committee discussed the ramifications of what appears to be a significant drug problem centered around Bert Reel Park. Given the serious of the matter, the Committee recommends to the Supervisors the installation of a gates at both the main and north accesses to the park, perhaps bracketed with split-rail wooden fencing to make it look more attractive.
  2. Following the suggestion of a township resident, the Committee agreed to explore the possibility of holding a “trunk or treat” event in Bert Reel Park for Halloween. This would provide a safe place for the children in the Pomeroy area to go trick or treating. Residents interesting in taking part should email the Parks and Recreation Committee as soon as possible.
  3. The Committee discussed the poor response from vendors and volunteers for the Tricentennial, and considered strategies boost that response.
  4. The Committee agreed to start promoting the Tricentennial photography competition.

Assignments for next meeting

  1. Mr Jessey to announce the Tricentennial photography competition at the Supervisors meeting.
  2. Mr Jessey to contact the media about the Tricentennial.
  3. Mr Jessey to seek permission from the Supervisors to place orders for Tricentennial services.
  4. Mr Jessey to ask the Supervisors to consider underwriting the cost of putting on the Tricentennial, in the extremely unlikely event those costs are not met by sponsor income.
  5. Mr Jessey to talk with Mr Taylor about organizing a meeting with Greg Vietri to discuss the Tricentennial electrical needs.
  6. Mr and Mrs Brecht will distribute fliers for display in local businesses.
  7. Mr Walters to continue to investigate a PA system for the Tricentennial.
  8. Mr Walters to speak with John Rock about a stage for the Tricentennial.

With there being no further business or public comment, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M.