Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes July 25, 2016

Present: Rita Maurio, Leonard Maurio, Anthony Schuibbeo, Matt Hensel, Simon Jessey
Absent: Jesse Donovan

Meeting called to order by Rita Maurio at 7:00 P.M.

Old Business

Vendor update
The event currently has 29 vendors, of which 24 are inside the vendors’ tent and 5 are in adjacent outdoor spaces.
Publicity update
Interviews with the DiLabbio family by both Daily Local News and Community Courier have been conducted. Both papers also received press releases on the event to post in their community events calendars. Similar releases will be sent to Coatesville Times and Chester County Times. Lucas Rodgers from DLN also received a schedule of events for Community Day in order to cover the playground dedication ceremony.
Publicity banners have now been placed outside both the Municipal Building and Bert Reel Park. Arrangements to hang posters in local businesses and display yard signs were made.
Volunteer update
Thanks to Matt Hensel and the Hensel family for recruiting 12 volunteers. 2 others have volunteered and there are an additional 6 who have expressed interest.
Volunteer shirts update
Shirts for all Community Day staff have been ordered, and will be made available for pickup by volunteers at Hensel’s Lawn Mower Repair Service prior to the event, or at the Volunteer Training to take place prior to the ceremonies opening Community Day itself.
Site preparation
Thursday, August 18

  • Collection of straw bales from Hougar Farms by Dave Simmons, delivery to Bert Reel Park.
  • Creation of “entrances” by Simon Jessey.
Friday, August 19

    • Installation of tent from Discount Tent.

Running and concealing of power cords by Simon Jessey and Dave Simmons.

  • Creation of walkways by Simon Jessey, Leonard Maurio and Rita Maurio.
  • Decoration of walkways and pavilion by Leonard Rita Maurio.
  • Marking of vendor spaces by Leonard and Rita Maurio.
  • Gifts-in-kind pick-up:
    • Herr’s Chips by Leonard and Rita Maurio.
    • Victory Root Beer by Simon Jessey and Matt Hensel. (kegs to be stored at PJ’s Deli, courtesy of Kevin Guido)
Saturday, August 20

  • Installation of inflatables by Bouncy Roo under the supervision of Simon Jessey.
  • Volunteer training and assignments by Matt and Amanda Hensel.
  • Hot dogs and hamburgers pick-up by Simon and Deborah Jessey.
  • Transfer of root beer kegs from PJ’s Deli TBD.
  • Gas grill delivery by Matt Hensel.
  • Event Day yard sign posting by Community Day volunteers.
Food services update
Matt Hensel has applied for a temporary site license from Chester County Health, and he received information that it would be available within three weeks of the time of application.
Matt Hensel will schedule a clean out of the Snack Shack a week prior to the event. He will contact committee members to assist with this project.
Treasurer’s report
No report

New Business

Chain of command and accountability
The committee chair expressed concern over lags in accountability through the chain of command and requested from the liaison to the Board of Supervisors that measures be enacted whereby all public information released by the Parks and Recreation Committee, through any and all media, be read and fully approved by the Township before release. Committee members suggested an approval procedure that would consist of a preliminary review of materials by committee members, followed by submission of the material to the Board of Supervisors for final approval and release to the public.
Park security
A committee member expressed concern over the need to control distribution and management of the keys to the buildings and structures in Bert Reel Park. It was emphasized that only current members of the Parks and Recreation Committee, current members of the Board of Supervisors, and current Township employees should conduct park operations.
In discussion with Board of Supervisors Liaison Anthony Schuibbeo, the Parks and Recreation Committee arrived at the following recommendations concerning this matter:

  • Matt Hensel will hold any and all keys to Bert Reel Park buildings and structures.
  • Matt Hensel will be notified by the township treasurer when structures or buildings at Bert Reel Park need to be locked or unlocked, and he will make the necessary arrangements.
  • A letter will be drafted to township administration, requesting cooperation in this critical matter.

With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.