Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes July 24, 2017

Parks and Recreation Committee

Minutes of meeting on July 24, 2017
Sadsbury Township Municipal Building

Present: Simon Jessey, Matt Hensel, Deborah Jessey
Absent: Erik Brecht, Lori Brecht
Also attending: Bryan Walters, Dale Hensel

  • Meeting called to order by Mr Jessey at 7:00 P.M.
  • Mr Jessey made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Mr Hensel.
  • Mr Jessey made a motion to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Mr Hensel.


Mr Chad Naggy of Atglen came before the Committee to seek approval to make use of the baseball field in Bert Reel Park for his travel team. It would involve practice on one weekday a week, and possibly Sunday games. The Committee said this would be no problem, providing there is no clash with the softball.

Old business

  1. Mr Jessey reported that he had announced the photography competition, produced and distributed fliers, and attempted to get media coverage.
  2. Mr Jessey reported that he had asked the Supervisors about approving the purchase of Tricentennial services.
  3. Mr Jessey reported he had spoken with Earl Taylor about meeting with Greg Vietri.
  4. Mr Jessey reported that UTICOM had completed the Tricentennial banners and yard signs.
  5. Mr Jessey reported that due to lack of business, it is not really cost effective to run the Snack Shack at the moment.
  6. Mr Matt Hensel reported that we have picked up a couple of new vendors.
  7. Mrs Jessey reported that to date, sponsors have contributed $3,300 with another $500 pending. Mr Dale Hensel announced that Hensel Mowers would be sponsoring the event. Mrs Jessey further reported that there is also $415 from vendors.
  8. Mr Walters reported both he and Mr Brecht had spoken with people from the John Rock organization, who have kindly agreed to provide a flat bed truck to act as our stage.

New business

  1. The Committee discussed strategies for attracting much-needed volunteers for the Tricentennial, including advertising.
  2. The Committee discussed recent problems involving park rentals. The Committee will recommend to the Supervisors that the door handles to the restrooms in Bert Reel Park be changed so that there is only one lock, following an idea put forward by Mr Dale Hensel.
  3. Following a request from AmKor Karate, the Committee agreed to provide a free vendor slot at the Tricentennial so that the organization can use it to raise money for a tournament in Wales next year.
  4. At the next meeting, the Committee will pick a date for a Special Meeting, to be held just before the Tricentennial, to bring together all parties involved in the event and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Assignments for the next meeting

  1. Members of the Committee will talk to the firehouses about tables and chairs.
  2. Mr Jessey to talk to the Public Works Department about portable toilets and handwashing stations.
  3. Mr Jessey to seek permission from the Supervisors to place orders for Tricentennial services.
  4. Mr Jessey to ask for representatives from the Supervisors, Police Department, Fire Departments and others to join us at the next Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.
  5. Mr Walters to confirm details with John Rock and pursue some additional sponsorship.

With there being no further business or public comment, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 P.M.