Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes January 23, 2017

Parks and Recreation Committee

Minutes of meeting on January 23, 2017
Sadsbury Township Municipal Building

Present: Anthony Schuibbeo, Simon Jessey, Matt Hensel, Deborah Jessey, Erik Brecht, Lori Brecht
Absent: Jesse Donovan


Meeting called to order by Anthony at 7:00 P.M.

The following positions were voted on:

  • Erik Brecht nominated Simon Jessey to chair, seconded by Matt Hensel
  • Simon Jessey nominated Matt Hensel to be vice chair, seconded by Erik Brecht
  • Simon Jessey nominated Deborah Jessey to be treasurer, seconded by Matt Hensel
  • Simon Jessey nominated Erik and Lori Brecht to coordinate fundraising and volunteer outreach, seconded by Matt Hensel

With the reorganization complete, the meeting was turned over to the chair.

Regular meeting

New business and old business were combined due to the availability of members.

  • Mr Jessey confirmed all members of the Committee were able to login to the PARC email account.
  • Mrs Jessey was unable to report the status of the PARC finances due to a personnel change that left the Township without a full time treasurer.
  • The subject of contributing material to a future township mailer was discussed. Mr Schuibbeo proposed the project be brought under the auspices of the Parks and Recreation Committee. Mr Jessey agreed to begin looking into it.
  • Following an email from Eric Messner, the Committee discussed a proposal to expand the township’s walking trails along Buck Run. Mr Messner attended the meeting and kindly explained his proposal to the Committee. Mr Jessey pointed out the project was dependent on the ability for pedestrians to safely cross the railroad, and Mr Hensel noted that much of the land assumed to be owned by the township had now passed into private ownership. Mr Jessey brought up the proposed study by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to extend Chester Valley Trail into Sadsbury Township, and how it might be possible to link it to the walking trail proposed by Mr Messner. The idea of expanding the township’s walking trails was met enthusiastically. The Committee thanked Mr Messner for his contribution and resolved to reexamine the idea at a later date.

Mr Schuibbeo and Mr Brecht excused themselves from the remainder of the meeting, due to a conflicting township engagement.

  • The Committee discussed the possibility of enrolling one or more members in a two-day training course for writing grant proposals. Mr Jessey and Mrs Brecht suggested that as a firefighter, Mr Brecht has experience in this regard and the Committee should revisit the matter when he was available.
  • The possibility of one or more “movie nights” being held in the township was discussed. Mr Jessey suggested the township should either rent or purchase equipment to make this happen, noting the township occasionally has need for presentations during meetings and there has never been anything available. Mr Hensel suggested Gateway Church, which has the necessary facilities, might be approached for hosting an event. Mrs Brecht suggested we ask other townships how they do their own movie nights.
  • The Committee discussed possible dates for holding the township’s Tricentennial events, with June 24 being a strong contender, or sometime in September. Mrs Brecht suggested it might be difficult to arrange a professional fireworks display so close to the 4th of July, so pinning down a date might be contingent upon that. Pushing the date back to September would give more time for fundraising and preparation, and sunset would be significantly earlier for the fireworks. Mr and Mrs Jessey informed the Committee that they would be out of the country in late September, which might be a factor.
    It was decided that Mr Jessey would find out the procedure for getting permission from the FAA and Chester County Airport to hold a fireworks display.
    The Committee discussed what form the main “Community Day” event should take, including what equipment we would need and where it should be situated. Mr Hensel indicated he would discuss the matter with Gateway Church, and perhaps arrange a site walk-through for the Committee.
  • With the larger scale of the Tricentennial, particularly due to the proposed fireworks display, the Committee discussed how best to approach sponsors and vendors who worked with us for the 2016 Community Day, and who we might approach as new sources of sponsorship.
  • Vendor fees, and how best to provide food and drink services to visitors, was discussed.
  • The Committee discussed what to do about the plaque that is normally situated in the Bert Reel Park pavilion. It needs either refurbishing or replacing. Mr Jessey reminded the Committee about the idea of moving the plaque to associate it with a proposed memorial bench. Mrs Brecht agreed to reach out to the Historical Society.

With there being no further business or public comment, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.