Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes August 22, 2016

Present: Rita Maurio, Leonard Maurio, Anthony Schuibbeo, Matt Hensel, Simon Jessey
Absent: Jesse Donovan

Meeting called to order by Rita Maurio at 7:20 P.M.

Old Business

The committee met to debrief on Community Day. According to Sadsbury Police and Chief Gathercole of Keystone Valley Fire Dept., the event drew a crowd of approximately 600. Feedback from vendors was positive. Feedback on inflatable rides was positive. There were two medical emergencies, one concerning a volunteer staff member after donating blood and one concerning a vendor who had just had surgery. Both emergencies were handled effectively. There was also one arrest for drunken and disorderly conduct after the event’s close.

Recommendations for next year include advertising the event itself as no pets/no alcohol, instead of just relying on park rules in those areas; seeking a solution to generator problems; clearer designation of handicap parking; and more shaded seating. The prospect of moving next year’s event to a larger venue was also discussed.

Upon the recommendation of Officer Barr, the Parks Committee made a decision to contact the Sadsbury Police to discuss the possibility of the police locking Eric’s Place each night and unlocking the playground area each morning as a preventive measure against crime in that area. The need for security cameras in the park was again stressed at the meeting.

New Business

The committee briefly discussed the need to address repairs and renovations to the baseball field fencing and repairs to the walking trail as a focus for the upcoming year. Preliminary investigations of costs for the two areas of repair are to begin this September in anticipation of the township’s annual budget meeting.

Treasurer’s report

Account balance from Township treasurer: Pre-event Community Day income realized from sponsorships and vendors was $4,265.00. Event expenditures as of 8/22/2016 totaled $1,380.98. Net income as of 8/22/16 was $2,884.02.

Matt Hensel reported proceeds from Snack Shack sales at the event totaling $227.00 and Rita Maurio reported monetary donations at the event of $10.00, adjusting the net income for the Parks and Recreation Account to $3,121.02 as of 8/22/16.

With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.