Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes April 24, 2017

Parks and Recreation Committee

Minutes of meeting on April 24, 2017
Sadsbury Township Municipal Building

Present: Simon Jessey, Matt Hensel, Deborah Jessey
Absent: Erik Brecht, Lori Brecht
Also attending: Anthony Schuibbeo, Bryan Walters

  • Meeting called to order by Mr Jessey at 7:00 P.M.
  • The minutes of the previous meeting were read.
  • Mr Jessey made a motion to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Mrs Jessey.

Old business

  1. Mr Jessey reported that he had passed on matters concerning the upkeep of the baseball field to the township manager.
  2. Mr Jessey reported that the vendor and sponsor forms were approved by the township’s lawyer and were now being distributed.
  3. Mr Jessey reported that he had been unable to get permission to hold a fireworks display in Sadsbury Park. Mr Walters offered to contact the fireworks company to get their input.
  4. Mr Hensel reported that he and Mr Jessey met with Mr Damon, who said Gateway Church would be happy to act as a venue for the Tricentennial, provided it would not disrupt Saturday service.
  5. Mr Hensel reported that he continues to try to get food truck vendors involved. Mr Walters offered to assist in finding food providers for the event.
  6. Mr Hensel reported that the Little League would not be using the baseball field in Bert Reel Park this summer, due to low turnout.
  7. Mrs Jessey reported that she is maintaining a list of vendors and sponsors for the Tricentennial.

New business

  1. Mr Jessey encouraged Mr Schuibbeo and Mr Walters to begin preparations for the renovation of the basketball court in Bert Reel Park.
  2. Mr Jessey presented artwork to the committee for Tricentennial Day. The artwork will be submitted to the township supervisors for their consideration.
  3. Mrs Jessey presented a plan for a photography competition, with the winning image to feature prominently in an upcoming township mailer. The committee bounced ideas around for how to conduct the competition.
  4. Mr Jessey said he is going to seek reimbursement for printing costs from the township supervisor.
  5. The committee discussed ideas about activities and displays for the Tricentennial. Mr Walters said he will contact Chester County Historical Society for their assistance.
  6. Mr Jessey presented quotes for tents from Discount Tent Rental, and for inflatables from Bouncy Roo.
  7. Mr Jessey reported he had tried to contact UTICOM about banners and yard signs, but he had not yet received a response.
  8. The committee discussed the need to rent a PA system for the Tricentennial. Mr Walters said he may know someone who could provide the necessary equipment. Mr Jessey said he would also seek quotes from rental companies.
  9. The committee discussed T-shirts for the event, agreeing that the high visibility we had with the 2016 shirts was very helpful in identifying volunteers.

With there being no further business or public comment, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.