Board of Supervisors Special Meeting, Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A special meeting of the Board of Supervisors was conducted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 commencing at 7:00 p.m.  Chairman, Mr. Hensel called the meeting to order.  Present was Supervisor Mr. Taylor via telephone connection to Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital accompanied by Solicitor Max O’Keefe.  Also present at the Township building was Township Solicitor, Mr. Pompo, and members of the community.

A moment of silence and Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Mr. Pompo requested that one person speak at a time and come up front so that Mr. Taylor can hear on the telephone.

Mr. Pompo stated the intended course of conduct for this special meeting was advertised for one purpose, which is to vote on the current vacancy on the Board of Supervisors.  Also advertised was a procedure posted requesting anyone interested in filling the vacancy to send a resume or a letter of interest by 3:00 p.m. today.  Failure to do so does not exclude anyone.  The Township received 7 or 8 responses.

Mr. Pompo reviewed the provisions of the Second Class Township Code when there is a vacancy on the Board.  Within 30 days of the vacancy, the two remaining Supervisors may appoint a new Supervisor.  Due to Mr. Taylor’s recent medical condition, we did reach out to Mr. Taylor to see if he was capable to participate, and determined that he was provided he could do so by telephone.  The Board has until August 27, 2017 to fill the vacancy.  If a decision cannot be made by then, there is an additional 15 day period for the Vacancy Board to meet to select a Supervisor.  The Vacancy Board consists of Mr. Hensel, Mr. Taylor, and Nancy Keen.  If no agreement can be made by the Vacancy Board, The Vacancy Board must petition the Chester County Court of Common Pleas to appoint a successor.  The appointed successor will hold office through January 2, 2018.

The next General Election in November will have the position  on the ballot to fill the remaining term.

Mr. Silvernail asked how a name will be placed on the ballot in November.

Mr. Pompo stated that this was not a function of the Township.  It was his understanding that this will be determined by both Democratic and Republican parties to arrive at a  name for Voter Services to be placed on the ballot.  He believes September 15th is the dead-line for anyone to be on the ballot.  It is not the function of the Board of Supervisors, it is the function of the area political committees.  Mr. Silvernail stated the area committee consists of Mr. Hensel, former Supervisor Mr. Schuibbeo, and Dana Williams.

Mr. Pompo stated the procedure for the meeting.  Each of the candidates submitting resumes or letters would be given a 2 minute opportunity to address the Board.  Then the public would be given the opportunity to comment.  Then the Board would begin its deliberation.

The residents turning in resumes are:

Joseph Catanese
Susie Garris
Tom Greenfield
Curt Martinez
Dave Reynolds
Eric Schmelzer
Stephanie Silvernail
Karol Smith Williamson

Joseph Catanese – has been a resident of Sadsbury Township since 2001.  He has been a member and president of the Home Owners Associated in Quarry Ridge for 9 years.  He feels this is a good step forward and he is familiar with people in the Township and surrounding Townships.

Susie Garris – has lived most of her life in the Township.  She has seen things she would like to help with in the Township.  She worked with a builder for years and is familiar with buildings, she also has her Real Estate license.

Tom Greenfield – was Supervisor for 4 years, filling out the remaining term after the resignation of Todd Walton, and was elected again.  He was also runner-up to Mr. Schuibio in the last election, which was close.

Curt Martinez – before Mr. Martinez could address the Board, M. Pompo Mr. Pompo stated that the Second Class Township Code states that no police officer can be Supervisor.  Mr.Martinez stated he only wanted to help the Township.  Brian Gathercole asked what if he is a police officer in another township.  Mr. Pompo stated that the provision in the Code could be rad to only apply to a police officer in the Township, and not a police officer serving an adjacent municipality, as is the case here.  However, it is his interpretation of the Code, that it would be conflict of interest for a police officer in neighboring West Caln to be Supervisor in Sadsbury, as he might be called to come into Sadsbury Township to back-up the police department here.  Mr. Pompo could not find case law on whether a police officer in another Township is prohibited from serving as Supervisor, but he would welcome input from another Solicitor.  Mr. Martinez stated he will consult his Township Solicitor on the matter.

Dave Reynolds – will be turning 51 on Friday and he has lived every day of his life in Sadsbury Township.  His family all lives here and he is not going anywhere.  He has attended Township meetings for the last 30 years. He has served as Chief of the Sadsburyville Fire Department.  He wants to help the Township and get things straightened out.

Mr. Schmelzer was not able to attend the meeting tonight.  A representative for Mr. Schmelzer was attending on his behalf and stated that if need be he can be reached.

Stephanie Silvernail –  held the position of Supervisor and Chairman for 10 years, was a member of the Planning Commission for 8 years.  She negotiated Police and Public Works Department contracts.  She attended the Park & Rec and all Saldo meetings.  She was on the executive Board of Chester County Township Officials.  She feels she could help and is familiar with everything.

Karol Smith Williamson – received a call from someone about a vacancy, and she feels if you see a need, fill a need.  She has been a homeowner since 2002.  She would like to preserve the beauty she sees and make sure it stays that way.

Mr. Pompo asked Mr. Taylor if he had any questions.  Mr. Taylor said he would like to say thank you to everyone.  He is making rapid improvement.  His legs are moving and his hands are moving.  The pain is real but he is working through it.  He has a new respect for the disabled.  Sadsburyville Fire Company sent a nice planter.  People have been sending cards with money.  Mr. Taylor will do the best he can for the Township from his bedside.  He wants to thank his wife, Jackie and God bless everyone.

Mr. Greenfield stated that he and Mr. Taylor as Supervisors chose Dale Hensel as their appointed Supervisor.

Mr. Martinez will talk to his Solicitor tomorrow about his being considered as Supervisor.

Mr. Taylor stated the law enforcement and fire departments are doing a great job.  He would like to thank the Road Crew for all the help they give his wife.  He stated his mind is clear and he wants to help as much as he can from his bedside and he may be out of the hospital in October.

Mr. Hensel stated the Board will not be able to make a determination tonight until Mr. Martinez gets confirmation.

Mr. Taylor stated that Curt Martenez, as a resident of the Township has a right to be heard; being a police officer could be a plus.  Mr. Pompo knows the Township Code as to whether to include him or not.

Mr. Pompo stated the vote cannot be conditional.  If you feel this candidate should be in the pool, then defer to the Vacancy Board to make the appointment.

Mr. Martinez stated he will step back and wishes the best of luck to the remaining candidates.

Mr. Taylor asked if he can run at a later time?  Mr. Pompo will continue the conversation with other Solicitors to get the answer.

When asked by Mr. Pompo, Mr. Taylor said he has no questions and has a lot going through his mind, but he has an idea what he wants to do.  Mr. Pompo asked Mr. Taylor if he would like to make a proposal.

Mr. Taylor stated he would like to choose Mr. Greenfield.  He has past experience, lives locally, he ran in the last election, and he enjoyed working with Mr. Greenfield before.

Mr. Hensel stated there is a lot of good talent to choose from.  Mr. Hensel stated his selection is Dave Reynolds.

Mr. Pompo stated to make this formal, each Supervisor should make a motion to see if there is a second.  If there is no second, the motion will die.

Mr. Hensel nominated Dave Reynolds.  There was no second.

Mr. Taylor nominated Tom Greenfield.  There was no second.

Mr. Hensel does not have another motion.

Mr. Taylor does not have another motion.

The Board then directed Mr. Pompo to  advertise a meeting of the Vacancy Board for Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Public Comment

Vicky Horan asked would there be any conflict of interest with Mr. Reynolds being with the fire company?

Elmer Pluck has known Dave Reynolds for most of his life.  He is an experienced fireman.  He feels it is almost a conflict of interest also.

Ted Alderman stated Dave Reynolds is a conflict of interest as he belongs to Sadsburyville Fire Company and Mr. Hensel wants him on the Board to get rid of Keystone Valley.  Mr. Reynolds stated he is also a life member of Pomeroy.

Charlene Pluck stated the people should be able to vote who they want to be appointed.

Mr. Pompo stated he is following the Second Class Township Code.

Ellen Rice stated the Pomeroy Pomeranians are offended.  Mr. Hensel stated he never said that.

Eric Brecht got up before the audience and began making a speech about the two fire companies in the Township.  Mr. Brecht was told by the audience to sit down.

Mr. Taylor stated we were here to select a Supervisor only and to please keep it on point for that reason only, and that also includes the next meeting on the 29th.

With there being no further business, Mr. Hensel made a motion, seconded by Mr. Taylor to adjourn the meeting.  With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Shank