Board of Supervisors Budget Meeting Friday, October 28, 2016

The Sadsbury Township Board of Supervisors conducted a budget meeting on Friday, October 28, 2016 commencing at 9:00 a.m.  Chairman, Mr. Hensel called the meeting to order.  Present was Supervisors Mr. Schuibbeo and Mr. Taylor, Township Treasurer, Tammy Russell, Township Account, Mr. Drozd, and members of the community.

A moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance were observed.

Mr. Hensel announced the resignation of Rita and Leonard Mario from the Park Committee.

Mr. Hensel made a motion, seconded by Mr. Schuibbeo to appoint Deborah Jessey as a member of the Park Committee.  With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Drozd has budgeted   $80,000 for the Township Manager position and a 3% wage increase for the office personnel.  The Policed Department is asking for a 7% increase but 3% was budgeted not considering contract or arbitration costs.  Mr. Hensel does not know if it will go to arbitration.  Mr. Drozd will add that cost into the budget as well as the two full time officer positons if the Board desire they stay in the budget.

Sergeant Imhoff presented the Board with an Analysis report of State Police calls in the Township when the Sadsbury Police are off duty from the hours of 12 midnight to 8:00 a.m.  The State Police calls are as follows:

2014   – 669 State Police calls

2015   –  776 State Police calls

2016   –   519 State Police calls to date – not complete for full year

The Sadsbury Police calls (not counting State calls) are 3,000 calls to date.

The Board will hold off on hiring two full-time officers until actual reports of calls are shown for previous years.  Mr. Hensel wants to look at stats for hiring a full-time officer.  There is an opening for a part-time officer that has not yet been filled.

Mr. Drozd will show in the budget the hours and rates negotiated in the  Union Contract for the Public Works Department for 2017.

Mr. Drozd stated he would propose a 1mill tax increase due to reduction in the Local Services Tax, elimination of contractor registration, and lower property assessments by the County.

The proposed Township land purchase for a new garage next to the Township Building would cost approximately $170,000 to buy the land in 2017.

The yearly trash fee will increase from $247.00 to $285.00 due to the new contract.

The intent for 2017 is to contribute the whole Fireman’s Relief to Sadsburyville Fire Company.  Eric Brecht requested that all contributions in the future be given to Sadsburyville Fire Company as the Township is their only revenue source.  Mr. Schuibbeo stated that Keystone Fire Company receives money from several Townships yearly under contract and feels they are will funded and the money should go to Sadsburyville Fire Company.  Sadsbury Township’s contract amount with Keystone Fire Department is $40,850.  Mr. Brecht stated that Sadsburyville Fire Company is asking for no additional funds other than the Fireman’s Relief, but handed the Board a Resolution asking for 100% of donated or budgeted money to handle all fires and 95% of rescue in the Township.  The Board will take the resolution under advisement.

Mr. Drozd reported a Liquid Fuels Fund was created under the advisement of the State Auditor for Liquid Fuels.  This money can be used to build up the equipment fund and road repair and construction.

The Transfer for $91,500 to the Capital Reserve was discussed for the purchase of a truck in 2018.  The Board decided to put 50% in the reserve instead.

The Park Committed would like to keep in the budget for the basketball court renovations, security cameras, and the bench to honor Mae McGuigan.  Mr. Drozd suggested to have a business sponsor and pay for a new scoreboard for the ball field.

The health insurance premium is anticipated to increase by 10%, but we are waiting for Delaware Valley Health Insurance to issue the new rates.

Ms. Russell stated if you eliminate the Township Manager salary and 1 full time – police position, you could eliminate a tax increase.  She also is working with Senator Dinniman’s office for a grant for street lights in the Township for the Enhancement Project.

Mr. Schuibbeo asked if the Township Manager position could be a part-time position.

Mr. Drozd will run some numbers for the next budget meeting to get more actual numbers.

Sewer Budget

Mr. Drozd has proposed a decrease in the sewer rates for the residents for the year 2017.  The flat rate will go from $360.00 per year to $280.00 per year.  The usage rate will go from $13.50 per 1,000 gallons to $12.00 per 1,000 gallons.  There is a cash balance at the end of the year and this decrease will reduce sewer revenue by $164,000.

Mr. Hensel does not want to make changes to the sewer rates at this time.  He would like to hold off due to pump replacement , cement pad, and security camera problems at the pump station.  Mr. Drozd stated that he will abide with the wishes of the Supervisors, but all the items mentioned by Mr. Hensel are already allocated and accounted for in the budget.

The Public Works Department is requesting to purchase a new computer.  The one they have is 6 years old.  The new computer needs to be purchased before October 31, 2016 when Windows 7 expires.  The Public Works Department would also like to order 12 of the new Township logo decals for their equipment.  They also presented the Board with a quote from Haldeman Equipment Company for a 33 point QL kit with 94012 Pump fault light kit to complete a 37 point installation on the new Mack dump truck, installed for $4,331.14.  Mr. Hensel stated the Department spent $33,000 on equipment repairs this year.  He feels maintenance on equipment after storms has not been kept up as it should be and the equipment is not taken care of properly.

Mr. Hensel made a motion, seconded by Mr. Schuibbeo, for the Public Works Department to purchase a Dell Computer.  With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Hensel made a motion, seconded by Mr. Schuibbeo, for the Public Works Department to purchase 12 new Township logo decals at a cost of $588.00.  With there being no questions from the public, the Board voting “aye”, the motion passed unanimously.

The next budget meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 18, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Public Comment:

Mr. Schuibbeo received a letter from the Department of Conservation about the Township Park on Greenbelt.  They say it does not look like a park.  Mr. Schuibbeo asked the Public Works to put some benches there.

Mr. Taylor thanked the Public Works Department for mowing the property on Spaulding Avenue.

A brief demonstration was given on a ¾ inch tile with a soft plyable surface installed over a concrete pad to be used on the basketball court at Bert Reel Park.  There is a 16 year warranty.  The court size is 50×100 and the cost will be around $5,000.  There is a putty weed barrier under the tiles to control weeds.

Mr. Hensel would like to have the Engineer look at it and if it is usable, simple, and saves money in maintenance, it could be something for the Township to look into.

With there being no further business, Mr. Hensel made a motion, seconded by Mr. Taylor to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Shank