Planning Commission Submittal Guidelines

Preliminary/Final Plan-Clock Date:

  • Plans and supporting documentation (complete application) submitted 14 working days prior to the regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting will be presented-reviewed during the regularly scheduled meeting. Failure to submit within this time frame will result in the plans being reviewed at the next months meeting.
  • Incomplete application will not be processed.
  • The 90 days clock date will begin on the date of the regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting when the plans are reviewed by the Planning Commission provided that should be the next regular meeting occur more than thirty days following the filing of the complete application the said 90 day period shall be measured from the 13th day following the day the complete application has been filed.

Preliminary/Final-Review Time Frame:

  • Following the review of the complete submittal by the Planning Commission the Township will forward the documentation to the appropriate agencies.
  • Upon receipt of the review comments from the various agencies the applicant will be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting.
  • The following time frames are required by various agencies:
    • Chester County Planning Commission, upon receipt, 30 days
    • Chester County Health Department, upon receipt, 20 days
    • Township Engineer, upon receipt, 30 working days

Planning Commission-Agenda Scheduling:

  • Any applicant who requests to have their project placed on the Planning Commission agenda must contact the Township Secretary. The cut off date for the agenda is the Friday before the first Board of Supervisors meeting held on the first Tuesday of the month. Informational packets will be distributed to the Planning Commission members one week before the meeting.


  • All re-submittals must be received 30 working days prior to scheduling to be on the Planning Commission agenda.
  • Schedule meeting with the Township Engineer to review the re-submittal.
  • Upon approval of the re-submittal by the Township Engineer provide 2 full sets of the plan and supporting documentation along with 8 11×17 copies of the plan to the Township.
  • Call the Township Secretary by the Friday before the Board of Supervisors meeting held on the first Tuesday of the month to schedule to be on the Planning Commission agenda.