Open Records/Right To Know Requests

Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law provides for access to public information, including requirements and prohibitions, agency designation of an open-records officer, types of records covered, and procedures for request filing and appeals.

Text of Act 3 of 2008 (.pdf)  PA Right to Know Law (2008)

How To File A Request

A requester can file a Right-to-Know request in four ways. You can submit your request by:

  1. Fax
  2. Electronic Mail
  3. In-Person
  4. Standard U.S. Mail

When submitting a request, always retain a copy for your file.

The request for records should be specific and concise. Identify as specifically as you can the records you want, so that they can be quickly located.

Please be advised that if you send an e-mail request or file a request in person it does not speed-up the time allowed for response.  All requests, no matter how received, are subject to the five (5) business day clock provided for in the Law, with that time starting the day after the request is received during regular business hours.

Standard Request Form  PA Office of Open Records Uniform Request Form

Helpful Information

Citizens’ Guide to the PA Office of Open Records